Show Notes: There IS a Better Way.


Would you like to start focusing on the aspects of podcasting you love - and STOP spending endless hours rewriting and reformatting your show notes?


Read on to find out more about getting your very own solid, step by step plan to help you or your VA write show notes easily for every episode, every time.


No more worries, hassles or challenges with your show notes - EVER again - when you follow the PDF and the seven videos in this podcasting show notes course.

Will Show Notes Made Easy Work For You?

From the launch of my podcast, I knew I didn't want to mess with show notes. So thank goodness I found Lara! When she says she makes show notes easy, she's not kidding. She's incredibly fast, professional and fun to work with. I can't recommend her or any of her products enough!

Grant Baldwin

Host, The Speaker Lab

"I’ve been working with Lara for several months now and her notes are excellent. They help engage people with the show and with the content. I don’t know how I worked without her! I highly recommend her. If you are looking for show notes she is THE person to go to."

Jordan Harbinger

Host, The Art of Charm

Lara has done such a phenomenal job with my show notes.  I literally don't know what I'd do without her.  Her methodology and attention to detail translates brilliantly into this online course.  In a few short lessons, your show notes will look like the pros!

Michael O'Neal

Host, The Solopreneur Hour

I had been looking for someone to help with the show notes for my Inside Social Media podcast and was referred to Lara.  I'm so grateful for the referral because Lara's level of accuracy, attention to detail, and fast turnaround has helped grow my business and lighten the load for me.  I never once worried about the quality of work or professionalism I'd get from her. If you're looking for someone to make your life easier by outsourcing your show notes, stop right now and reach out to Lara."

Rick Mulready

Host, The Art of Paid Traffic

We've been happily using Lara at Show Notes Made Easy for several seasons. Their professionalism, timeliness, and extensive experience means that our show notes magically show up with virtually zero resources on our part. We get to focus on our guests and audience, and they ensure our show notes are top notch.

Ian Altman

Host, Grow My Revenue

“I've been working with Lara on the show notes for 'The New Business Podcast' for the past 6-months and I have been nothing but happy with the level of professionalism, turnaround speed and the attention to detail she has given me as a client. If you're a podcaster that wants to lighten the load when it comes to producing your show, outsourcing your show note creation to Lara would make you a very smart individual."

Chris Ducker

Host, Youpreneur FM

Why I Made Show Notes Made Easy

Show Notes Made Easy is a course I designed and created based on my experience writing for Chris Ducker of Youpreneur FM, Michael O’Neal of The Solopreneur Hour, Nick Unsworth of Life On Fire TV and Jordan Harbinger of The Art of Charm.

There are a few things every great podcast must have: a sound concept, a good host, killer audio and great show notes. Look around and you’ll find plenty of courses on those first three…but there isn’t a lot on how to write great show notes.

Until now…

Do It Yourself

Are you bootstrapping? Do you have more time than money right now? Or do you simply want to do your own show notes - but in less time and without the headaches you're currently experiencing? Then the Show Notes Made Easy course is your best best.

Scroll down for more about why our show notes made easy course is THE course to help you do it on your own, and still save time and hassle.

Ready to Outsource Your Show Notes?

At Show Notes Made Easy we are committed to you enjoying your life as a podcaster so we offer a done-for-you service. Click the button you're reading to go to our Services page and find out how we can help you and give you more time and greater peace of mind.

Show Notes Made Easy Done For You Services

What you'll learn in video one:

This first chapter is just what it says: an introduction. It's an introduction to me and to the course. In this video I share with you who I am and why you should care, and what to expect from the course.

Specifically we'll cover:

  • Who am I and why should you care?
  • The fundamentals I use on a daily basis to produce top-quality show notes.
  • How do I do what I do?
  • What we'll talk about in each of the videos.

In our third installment of the videos in this course you and I are looking at different examples, and benefits of various styles of show notes.

I'll highlight three different formats I use and the benefits of three different styles. I'll also give you practical tips on which to use and when. Plus we'll talk about:

  • What a CTA is and do you need one?
  • Whether or not you should subhead in your notes.
  • How to structure your notes to repurpose them later.
  • Should you repurpose them?

Plus I teach you some valuable tricks to writing STELLAR bullet points, tricks known only by copywriters! It's all spelled out for you in video three.

Video five is all about search engine optimization or as I like to say SEO: What is it good for? Plenty, as it turns out!

SEO can help you get higher rankings in Google which leads to a bigger audience and/or more targeted audience. That audience leads to more downloads and that leads to more opportunities to serve more and make more money in the process. Woo hoo!!! More people, more money = everybody wins.

In this video I'll give you simple steps to include your keywords into every show (and I’ll explain why you should be doing this). I’ll also break down how to use the SEO by Yoast plug-in (or any other plug-in like it) and this super amazing little-known SEO trick only the pros are using!

Let's make some SEO magic happen.



Now we're getting into the good stuff, the nuts and bolts of your notes! We dive in in video two; it is an overview of the highlights of the PDF in your course.

I share with you:

  • how to listen, what to listen for and what to include in a draft.
  • kick ass bullets: the dos and don’ts and real-life examples.
  • one proven strategy to improve your writing no matter how bad you are.
  • the $3 investment that has saved me HOURS every week.
  • checklists: why you must have them.

Plus I also go over the 6 free resources included at the end of this course, you want 'em and I share why. :)That's what we cover in this chapter - and a little bit more!

I want you to have better content, for reals.

Video four is me picking my own brain to give that to you - don't worry, it didn't hurt very much! In this chapter I break down the notes I've taken from some shows I've written for, why I wrote what I wrote and why it matters to you.

We'll specifically look at how I took my notes and crafted them into show notes from headlines, to bullets to paragraphs. I also discuss how to create and use what is most powerful for your audience and how to make your show notes more eye-catching and how to make them easier for your audience to read.

The final two modules are six and seven.

In video six it's how to repurpose your show notes. Now that we've covered how to choose your format, how to write great content and make it SEO-friendly, in video six we're going to find out how to repurpose those good-lookin' notes.

I highlight two different ways I currently help my clients repurpose their show notes and walk you through my thought process as I do so with each set of show notes. I also highlight some of the more common and simple ways to repurpose your existing show notes.

In video seven I simply say farewell! It's a quick wrap-up of what we've covered and how to get in touch with me.

Show Notes Made Easy