Formatting Your Show Notes

One-size-fits-all-300x336One of the things I've seen change in my last year of writing show notes is the format. Some podcasts want in-depth notes, while others prefer to use quick summaries and multiple bullet points. And still others use a combination of the two.

There are many other styles. If you look at what Tim Ferris is doing you'll see he does a bit of a summary and a LOT of bullets. Not the kind of bullet points I write, but simple statement style bullets with a time stamp. I don't get this style at all, do people like reading these notes? I don't, it's an eyesore IMO. But they must work because Tim uses them.

Personally there is only one thing I know for sure about show notes format: there is no one-size-fits-all!

How you want to use your show notes is what will determine your ultimate choice in formats. If you simply want a bit of info up for your listeners then you'll go the simple route with a paragraph or two and maybe some bullets.

If you want to use your show notes as an additional marketing tool then you'll want to get with more in-depth notes, perhaps some time stamps for really crucial items and several points explained in the notes. These will be the kind of show notes you can use to email your list, perhaps to craft into an ebook later or you can pull out a few points and use those points as social media updates later.

It all boils down to what you want to with your notes, what your intention is. So figure that out first and then choose a format.

Share it in the comments when you do - what's your preferred style for show notes?

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