Scaling Your Service-Based Biz

Bcard_BackThis is such a tricky topic. You'll hear so many folks tell you that you must have a product, services aren't scalable. I don't think you have to live and die by that rule.

Take for example advertising agencies. They provide services and they are scalable: you have your directors, then your account execs, account managers, assistant account managers. There's also the admin staff who keep the place running and the creatives from directors to senior copywriters to senior graphics to junior levels.

That's a scalable business model, you can see it being done around the world. I've been a part of that world and it's certainly shaped how I do business and how I intend to build Show Notes Made Easy.

Eventually I'll hire an editor who will know how the notes should sound for every show and they'll be able to handle the edits that come in from our senior and junior show notes writers. The editor - aka the creative director - will oversee the show notes work of the two groups.

And I would be the CEO who oversees the whole kit-n-caboodle, and directs us in where we go right now and in the future.

Right now that's what the market is telling me it wants: I get more requests for my services than I do for my product. People want to hand me their podcast files and let me handle getting the show notes done. If they can't afford me I recommend buying Show Notes Made Easy and hiring a VA to do their notes, but by and large people would prefer to be entirely hands off their show notes process.

So in 2015 you'll see Show Notes Made Easy become more of a team and less of just me! And really that's how you become scalable, it isn't just from creating and selling products.

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