Why You Need to Get to Events

downloadWhether you're writing show notes, aspiring to be a podcaster or already are a podcaster (or any other solopreneur-type), events are where it's at. You get to connect, mingle and create relationships with people in your industry. From the most elite cats in the biz to people just starting out, everybody who is anybody is there.

Now I know there are plenty of reasons to NOT go: money, time off work, time away from your biz, family obligations, etc.

But excuses will always rear their ugly heads when you want to get something done. So instead of listening to them (again) and staying stuck or staying at the level you're already at, why not kick 'em to the curb and get into action? Get your butt to the event, buy the ticket, buy the airfare, secure the room.

If you can't do all of those, pick one and get the ball in motion. I promise when you do your excuses will start to dwindle...because you're so darn excited to be going you won't care what other reasons show up!

Enthusiasm breeds more enthusiasm, just take the first step and you'll see I'm right.

So which events are you attending this year - NMX? Podcast Movement? World Domination Summit? Any others I've missed?


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