The Importance of Relationships

I'll be the first to admit I don't have a content strategy for this blog. I haven't taken the time to map one out, but that is on my To-do list so it's coming.

But what I do use this blog for is to share powerful messages and information I find and receive while writing show notes. Sometimes it's a particular episode or person who strikes a chord with me, sometimes it's simply a message that comes through.

Today it's about the message of relationships.

Relationships are important. Scratch that, they are EVERYTHING. And I don't mean that in "who you know who can do things for you" kind of way. I mean that in a they will determine the course of your life kind of way. If you develop positive, healthy and meaningful relationships within your network, with your audience and within your daily life you will have the kind of life you love.

If you don't, nothing else really matters. Even if you made a few million dollars but no one liked you what would be the point? You'd have no one to share that money with, no one to do fun things with and no one to give it to.

I got crystal clear on this while listening to an episode of Chris Ducker's New Business Podcast with Dale Partridge. Dale has an amazing site at The Daily Positive and there are several incredible articles on relationships. But don't take my word for it, have a look for yourself!

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