Are Show Notes Dead?

I heard through the grapevine recently that there was a heated debated in Podcaster’s Paradise about show notes being dead.

I’m not sure who said that but they should check with stalwarts like Pat Flynn, The Art of Charm and Chris Ducker. Those are some of the biggest names in podcasting and they’re still producing show notes.

But the discussion raises a great point about show notes and any other industry: it needs to evolve, stay current and relevant.

I may be wrong but I don’t believe Google indexes your audio content, or at least not as accurately as it does content and not without the use of an audio-recognition tool so why would they be dead? Not sure.

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How to Innovate and Evolve?

But as I said I will agree they need to evolve, as any service or product needs to.

To that end I am focused on adding SEO strategies to the show notes I write and produce, as well as making them mobile-friendly.

How do people find you if they don’t know you? SEO.

When do most people listen to podcasts? When they are on their phone or in their car - NOT when they are at their laptops or desktops and looking at your web site.

I’m also experimenting with repurposing show notes and using them for such things as articles on Huffington Post’s web site, various giveaways for your audience and emails to your list. There are numerous possibilities in this category, these are just a few I’m playing with. I want to find out which work best, and if there is variation depending on a person’s target market (I suspect there is).

But my point in sharing this is, whether or not you write show notes or do something else for a living, it’s important to stay abreast of trends and continual to evolve what you offer.

Experiment, Experiment and Experiment

Doing so requires experimentation and innovation on your part. And often this requires support and input from others so ask your coach for guidance, input and then ask a client or two of yours for their input on your new offering. Ask them to be your guinea pigs and give you honest feedback.

From there take their feedback, make tweaks and start rolling out your offering in small batches. If you want to continue to test the waters with your product then just ask a few of your current clients and offer them a discount when they sign up as they are some of your beta testers.

Or if you want to go big then roll it out to your existing clients, offer an affiliate program for them and then launch it for everyone else in your target market!

A How To Launch Guide From One of The Greats

If you want specifics on launches Amy Porterfield’s a great one to follow and this episode of The Solopreneur Hour is a simple-to-follow breakdown of launching a product. Even if you’ve launched before you can learn plenty from this show.

We’ve strayed beyond my initial discussion of staying innovative and relevant but I think it was worthwhile content. I’d love to know what you think, thank you for reading!