3 Productivity Hacks for Writing Show Notes

show notes save time show notes podcast show notes productivity toolsOne of the reasons people hire me to write their show notes is how much time it takes them. And that's smart - as soon as you can outsource something like show notes you should. Because the one thing we'll all never get back and can never create more of is time.

Because I've been writing show notes for nearly 2 years now I've picked up a few ways to save time along the way.

Naturally my background is in writing (and marketing and online copywriting) so I am a faster writer than a non-writer but there are still ways you can save time using these 3 productivity hacks I've discovered.

1. Binaural beats app.
I love this app. There are multiple options out there for binaural beats programs. My personal fave is called Brain Wave. That one's not free but it's the best $3.99 I may have ever invested.

Why? It's shaved 15 minutes (or more) off my time on EVERY episode I write. If I'm producing 3 shows a day I've now got another 45 minutes in a day. Ok not a ton of extra time but multiply that by 5 and now we're at nearly 4 hours a week. Four hours! What the heck would you do with another 4 hours in your week? Play with your kids? Record more podcasts? Work out? Sleep? Whatever you want - that's the point.

2. Template for taking show notes.
Create a template you use every time you write your show notes. You won't have to guess at where your headers should go, where the resources and the Tweetable should be.

Need one? Message me and I'll send you what I use.

3. Do Not Disturb on your phone.
Get that little moon sign working on your phone! I love the DND feature on my iPhone. It makes sure I don't get any notifications while it's on so no interruptions or distractions. That means I get more done in less time - leaving me with more time to focus on other things.

I'm willing to bet doing this saves me another hour or more every week. Perhaps you could try it out and track the time it saves you? I'd love to know!

Those are my top 3 time-saving suggestions. I use them every single time I'm writing show notes and I hope you will too!