Show Notes Made Easy: Why I Donate and The Power of Giving

show notes camp hometown heroes the power of giving

I've always heard that the most financially successful people are the biggest givers; they are the ones who start foundations or donate a certain percentage of their income to a charity (or charities).

Whether or not it's true there's something about that concept that has stuck with me, I do believe what you give comes back to you and I've always gave to various charities throughout my career. In fact I even worked in several non-profit settings, and have done some fundraising.

So when I released my latest version of Show Notes Made Easy I decided I would give 10% of every sale to one of my favorite charities, Camp Hometown Heroes.

Although I have never served in the military, nor has any of my immediate family, this camp is very dear to my heart.

Not so long ago a family friend was killed in combat. He was a recent high school grad who had plenty of other collegiate options, and still he chose to enlist. It was post 9-11 so he knew what he was in for, and he enlisted anyway because of the duty he felt to his country. Regardless of what you think of America's foreign policy you have to admire someone who would stand up for what he believed in even if it meant risking his life.

After his death my mom and my sister began volunteering at Camp Hometown Heroes. It's a camp for children who have either their mom or dad while their parent was on active duty.

Once a year CHH flies in these children from all over the country to a summer camp facility in the heartland of Wisconsin. The kids spend a week with each other and with CHH staff and volunteers doing camp activities, but also being with others who have experienced similar losses and having space to grieve however they need to grieve.

I get choked up just thinking about what they must go through, and how important that week must be for them. As a result I've always been glad to give whatever I could to support the cause.

But earlier this year when I saw charities like Pencils of Promise I saw I could do more, and give more. So I opted to give 10% of every sale of SNME to Camp Hometown Heroes. Nearly every donation I make feeds a child for almost an entire day of camp, and it feels incredible to give to others without any expectation of a return.

Even when things have been slow and I've been worried about paying my rent, I still gave. The reason? These kids are dealing with something much bigger and more life-altering than a concern about rent, they have lost one of the pillars in their lives and will be forever changed.

Why am I telling you all of this? So you understand why I give where I give, and hopefully to inspire you to do the same with the charity of your choice (if you aren't already).

Whether you're a podcaster, a VA or you write show notes for a living, giving is something all of us can do. And I firmly believe if we give to the charity which speaks to us we can all make a difference in the world.