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Welcome Chris Ducker readers and listeners, so glad you've made it to Show Notes Made Easy. This is your home and your source for great show notes, easily.

I write Chris' notes for his podcast and write the notes for several other successful podcasters including Nick Unsworth of Life on Fire and Michael O'Neal of The Solopreneur Hour.

Below you'll find Show Notes Made Easy: the complete package including a comprehensive how-to guide and 7 videos with three hours' worth of actionable content. I've marked it down from $279 just for you.

And because you're extra special friends of Chris' I'm throwing in a series of videos that guide you through the PDF, a step by step breakdown to writing great show notes. Normally these videos retail for $117 but you get them at no extra cost because you're one of Chris' listeners!

Just message me after your purchase and I'll send you the link to the extra videos. Thanks so much and happy podcasting!


Show Notes Made Easy: The Complete Package - $207

Show Notes Made Easy is the complete package: a guide plus seven videos (three hours' worth of content!).

This packages provides you with the same step by step instructions I use and extra insights into my thought process and procedures; I pick my brain for you! Not literally of course because that'd be gross and I'd be dead. But in the figurative sense I go deep into what I listen for, and then how I take what I've heard and make juicy content out of it. It's what I do on a daily business for some of the best in our business.

I also walk you through how to properly use SEO and how to repurpose your show notes, something you should be doing if you are serious about creating a financially viable business with your podcast.

If you want the full details on how I do what I do for the best in the business this is IT. Grab your copy of Show Notes Made Easy, complete with guide AND both sets of videos. This package is worth nearly $400 but as one of Chris' listeners I'm giving it to you today for $207.

Plus I'm giving 10% of every sale to a great cause, Camp Hometown Heroes. Camp Hometown Heroes is a military charity organization that honors our fallen military heroes by embracing the children they left behind. One of my family's dearest friends was killed in combat, and this is my way of giving back - thank YOU for helping me do so!