So this is your page for various show notes-related info. Right now I am listing links to my webinars and podcast appearances on here. As Show Notes Made Easy expands I'll expand this page. Enjoy!

Podcast Appearances

I had the great honor and privilege of being on my client and my friend's show, Youpreneur FM by the one and only Mr. Chris Ducker. We break down my show notes process, and give you some chuckles and some info along the way!

The Anatomy of Amazing Show Notes, Youpreneur Episode 120

Another wonderful client of mine, Grant Baldwin, brought me on his show to also talk about show notes. We dig into a bit of my backstory and how I got started in this business. It was fun to chat with him, I hope you enjoy it.

How to Write Show Notes for a Living, Episode 118 of How Did You Get Into That

Show Notes Made Easy Webinars

The latest webinar on show notes is here! Check it out.

This is a webinar from July of 2015 and covers the basics of SEO and repurposing your show notes!


And here's a webinar from September of 2015 covering the anatomy of show notes. I break down my step by step process for creating show notes, and for choosing a particular format of show notes for different types of podcasts.