Show notes are necessary, you already know this and it's why you are here. But do you know all the ways to utilize and repurpose your show notes? There are plenty! It's in your best interests to have show notes and use them to their full potential, that's what we do for you at Show Notes Made Easy.

We create compelling, SEO-savvy blog posts (ie show notes) for your podcast, and we also create other pieces of content for you with those show notes. Our packages below reflect this. If you have other needs please contact us to discuss.

Show notes packages:
4 blog posts, and 4 corresponding Facebook ads: $500
4 blog posts, 4 corresponding Facebook ads and 4 newsletter blurbs: $600
4 blog posts, 4 ads, 4 newsletter blurbs and 4 additional Tweets: $700

Done For You Services

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